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Volkan Oezdemir vs Dominick Reyes

Oezdemir vs Reyes FULL FIGHT

UFC prediction: Parts of Oezdemir’s game have definitely been evolving, but there seems to be one massive gap in the middle of it. He came to the UFC as an uncomfortable boxer with a great clinch striking game and some good GnP from top control when he could force the fight there. Slowly, he’s become a much much more confident and capable pocket boxer, who can swarm opponents with long combinations. However, it seems to have come without any recognition for pacing or cardio. Notably, in his last two fights, Oezdemir’s hands have looked incredibly sharp... for about a round. Then he gasses out. Reyes isn’t the combination puncher that Oezdemir is, but he’s comfortable in every space; out at range, in the pocket, in the clinch, he has tools to hurt opposition and the confidence to let them go as needed. He’s maybe a little too willing to take a shot to land a shot inside, but so far he’s also been tough as hell. Oezdemir will likely make this a wild exchange early, but like Anthony Smith and Daniel Cormier, if Reyes rides out the storm, he’ll likely come out on top. Dominick Reyes by decision.

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