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Danny Roberts vs Claudio Silva

Roberts vs Silva FULL FIGHT

UFC prediction: This fight kinda runs as an interesting lower-tier parallel to the Nelson/Edwards fight above. A well rounded, powerful striker who uses an unexpectedly large amount of wrestling and grappling as a fundamental part of his game, against an aggressive pressure fighter who really wants nothing other than to take people down and submit them. Unfortunately for Roberts, where there’s a really clear path for a victory for Edwards, his own is much less easy to see. Roberts tends to plant his feet a lot, making him a prime target to get clinched up or taken down. And while he’s a good, competitive scrambler, Silva is the kind of crushing cling on to any body part at any cost grappler that’s only really beaten by just staying away. If Silva can get his hands on Roberts, he’ll probably make this a nightmare fight for him. Claudio Silva by submission, round 1.

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